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The holidays are just around the corner, but sometimes it seems like a holiday, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion is almost always around the corner. Whatever the occasion you likely want some gift ideas so you can find the perfect gift, one that the recipient will truly be excited to receive. With a little thought you should be able to find just the right gift; sometimes you just need to think beyond the typical gift ideas.

Personal Gifts

Sometimes coming up with gift ideas to find the perfect gift involve listening and paying close attention to potential hints the person has been giving — even when they don’t realize they are providing hints. Pay attention to things they like and dislike so you can start forming ideas. If you are out shopping with them and they find an item they love but decide not to splurge on themselves make a note so you can stop by later and pick it up. If they love a specific thing like tea or wine find a unique and high quality source as a gift.

Experience Gifts

Some people seem to have enough items already, or maybe you simply want to get them an experience instead of an item. Depending on your budget there are a wide variety of experience gifts you can get for them from simple but personal to an incredible experience.

There are always gift cards to chain restaurants and movie theaters, but to make it more personal you may want to opt for a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant instead. Massage or spa gift certificates can provide a pampered experience. Classes for something they love can foster a hobby. A ride on a hot air balloon can provide an exciting experience. A night at a bed and breakfast can provide a romantic experience. You can find some really nice experience gifts in a variety of price ranges if you simply think about what kind of things the recipient enjoys.

Gift Baskets

People often think of gift baskets as an impersonal, easy gift, but by customizing them you can create a very nice and memorable gift. Gift baskets can be filled with anything from favorite chocolates to favorite wine, and they don’t really have to be baskets. The container you use as the basket can be part of the gift, for example a nice serving bowl could be used as a “basket” filled with favorite or gourmet foods. This can actually be a very creative and personal gift when done well.

The most important thing to consider when trying to find the perfect gift for someone is the personality of the person receiving it. Pay attention to what they already have, what they like and what they don’t like. Also, a gift can be an experience; it doesn’t have to be an item.